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High Performance Teamwork:  The Power of ‘WE’.

There are 4 absolute must haves when striving for excellence in a High Performance Team.

If you want to move your team to embrace discretionary effort, full engagement, honest communication and high aspiration, your team needs the Power of ‘WE’

‘WE’ means ‘What Exactly’…What Exactlly do I need to do now to maximise personal and team impact?’  ‘WE’ is in essence, two way, Absolute Expectation Clarity between Leaders and every Team Members.

Learn how to make it happen!

What Exactly is the first principle of High Performance Teams.  Next we add ‘Challenge and Recognition’ (based on these Clear Expectations), Living the Values and The Power of Genuine Interest. 

These 4 key principles and strategies will elevate your Leadership and Teamwork above the ordinary to an effective and engaging culture that will produce boom results and be cherished by all who experience it.


Mark’s ‘signature’ Program!!

The Go Zone Keynote will inspire and educate your team!

The Go Zone enables people be more effective and less stressed.. and to create better structure and greater resilience. Ideal for ANYONE focussed on Peak Performance.

The Go Zone is a holistic system and skillset that teaches you how to ‘change gears’ from preplanned periods of absolute focus on the most important things without excuse or distraction (Go Zones), longer periods of lower intensity but still very productive and less stressful (Slow Zones) and crucial times of guilt free and enjoyable recovery (No Zones).

The Go Zone incorporates Mental Health and Wellbeing protection by matching a ‘Mind Modes’ with each Zone.  Learning how to transition from ‘Flit’ (everything all at once)  to ‘Focus’ (one thing at a time and ‘Flow’ (a state of calm and high performance) has been life changing for many Workshop participants.

The Go Zone is much more than time management or productivity. It’s Effectiveness, Resilience, Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing.

Mark McKeon - keynote speaker, business speaker, successful leaders, and motivational speaker
Mark Mckeon - Teamwork Keynote Presenter, successful leaders, business speaker and motivational speaker.

Embracing Change

Many people are much more resistant to Change than they think they are!

Embracing Change works understanding 4 Stages of the ‘Change Continuum’: Denial, Resistance, Adjustment and Acceptance! If we spend too much time and energy in Denial and Resistance, we can miss out on the possibilities and learnings that come from Change.

Making sure people understand ‘what’s in it for me’ can quickly change attitudes from Resistance to Exploration and save precious time and resources by hastening transitions and boosting engagement.

This session is designed to give everyone a lift, to see change as a positive and an opportunity to enjoy and grow, rather than an additional burden.